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diamonds coverDear Friend of the Harbor,

I’m excited to let you know about the publication of Diamonds in the Rough, a book that tells the unique story of Boys & Girls Harbor through the poignant voices of alumni from all the eras of our 80-year history.

The book, like the Harbor itself, was the brainchild of our late founder, Tony Duke. It was in 1937 that Tony started the small summer camp that grew into an organization—and a family—that has provided educational and cultural opportunities to thousands of urban young people, opening their minds to worlds of possibility. That vision is the theme that runs through the powerful stories of the Harbor alumni in Diamonds in the Rough—from the sons of European immigrants in the 1930s to the children of East Harlem in the new millennium. And it’s what connects them to the boys and girls of today’s Harbor.

We’re never at a loss for reasons to support the Harbor and help us carry Tony Duke’s legacy forward. Diamonds in the Rough says it better than ever through the stories our alumni tell in their own candid and deeply felt words—the circumstances they faced, the challenges they overcame, and the ways in which the Harbor helped shape the productive citizens they became.

I invite you to order your copy HERE!


Dr. Thomas Howard Jr.

diamonds montage