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Please contact our Harbor program staff to learn more about the Harbor experience, age-appropriate programs, and registering your child or teenager. General inquires welcome; note staff contacts below.


Dr. Thomas Howard, Executive Director


Danielle Weisbrot, Executive Assistant/Project Coordinator




Emily N. Carey Preschool

Crickett McFadden, Administrative Assistant

212.427.2244 ext. 421



Harbor K.I.D.S. (Afterschool; Ages 5-12) 

Chloe McMillan, Associate Director of Dance

212.427.2244 ext. 602

Vanessa Taylor-Malloy, Program Director

212.427.2244 ext. 602

Tiffany Dewese, Administrative Assistant

212.427.2244 ext. 476



Harbor T.E.E.N. Program (Afterschool; Ages 13-18)

Robert Rosario, Program Director

212.427.2244 ext.150

Earl Washington, Program Manager


Lourdes Berrios, Administrative Assistant

212.427.2244 ext.145

Harbor Conservatory for the Performing Arts

Theater Arts • Pre-Professional Musical Theater Training • Little Peoples Creative Arts • Dance Exposure • Dance Enrichment • Pre-Professional Dance Training

Joseph Vigliotti, Artistic Director

212.427.2244 ext. 562


Latin Music

Louis Bauzo, Master Teacher

212.427.2244 ext. 573


Janis Robinson, Chief Development Officer


Jane Lindberg, Senior Grants Manager

212.427.2244 ext. 548

Communications & Marketing 

Melissa Potter, Director of Communications & Marketing

212.427.2244 etx. 520


Shanna Soares, Communications & Marketing Associate



Boys & Girls Harbor
1 East 104th Street
New York, NY 10029