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Preschool Jr/Sr Education Upward Bound


With an unprecedented gift of both land and building funds, Mr. and Mrs. August Heckscher gave New York City a landmark and an icon that marks one of the greatest monuments to child protection and welfare. Upon its completion in 1922, the Heckscher building housed a children’s orphanage. The Harbor’s goal is to ignite a student’s passion for ascending to a new life-changing view. The Harbor experience starts when a student enters the doors and immediately claims a “place” in this world.

To contact the Education Department,
call 212.427.2244 ext. 587 or send us an e-mail.


Today, the Harbor’s “home” provides best-in-class education for the purpose of building intellectual character and putting students on a path with individual learning plans that challenge them to think creatively, reflectively and critically.

Harbor Preschool Program serves toddlers and preschoolers year-round, enabling each child to benefit from a robust early learning experience: a rigorous reading and math curriculum, computer literacy, and educational trips.

Harbor Afterschool Programs are multidisciplinary and designed to enhance academic skills during the critical afterschool hours by building upon the efforts of the schools our students attend. The programs, which serve close to 500 kids, employ activity-based lessons that instill a love of learning while developing life skills for the future through:

  • Jr./Sr. Education (5‒12 years old). Provides resources to improve the academic and social skills of children using Core Knowledge philosophy.
  • Upward Bound. Serves high school students to increase the rates at which they enroll and graduate from post-secondary education institutions.

  • Genesis. Serves teenage students to prevent the onset of substance abuse.

Harbor Conservatory for the Performing Arts, one of East Harlem’s largest multidisciplinary arts training organizations, is an integral component of the Harbor’s education philosophy.  The Harbor is integrating a performing arts component into all Harbor programs and curricula to provide an arts-rich learning environment.  For example, Literacy Through Music and Movement is now a part of every preschooler's curriculum. In addition, a new partnership with the Harmony Program teaches elementary school students to play the violin for one hour a day, five times a week, during the school as part of the new Harbor Youth Orchestra.