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This anniversary milestone brings year-long programs and events to celebrate the Harbor’s long history of support to the Harlem community— and an opportunity to plan for the Harbor’s next 75 years as a springboard to the future. Our year is guided by two key questions: “What kind of Harbor do we want for the next 75 years?” “How will we contribute to its success?” We debate the possibilities every day.

2012 brings the Harbor a new look to a 75-year old promise, including this redesigned website. We are keenly focused on building an active online Harbor community. This is one of eight strategic goals this year.

Join us for this year’s festivities and the dialogue. Support the Next 75.


  1. Refine Harbor’s educational programs
  2. Promote consistent branding identity
  3. Reduce FY12 budget operating deficit
  4. Expand preschool program
  5. Invest in Harbor staff and organizational capacity
  6. Initiate anniversary year and multi-year funding campaign
  7. Identify corporate , education and performing arts partners
  8. Launch new website and build online community

"Our commitment to early childhood education, as well as music, dance and theater through our Conservatory offerings makes the Harbor a very special place. Our goal is to bring more people to see what happens here, and the impact we have on young people."

William A. Ackman, President,
Board of Directors


Tony Duke’s distinguished military career in the Navy commenced in 1941. Over the course of his service, he was awarded three battle stars and the Bronze Star. The Harbor’s new logo pays tribute to his spirit of adventure, exploration and leadership—shared by the Harbor Board and staff—in the use of this international code flag, which signifies that a pilot is on board. International code flags are used to signal between two ships or between ship and shore.

"You are not going to find a place like this, with a founder like Tony Duke who has been around for 75 years. The Harbor is in a class by itself."

Mark Axelowitz, Secretary,
Board of Directors

This simple symbol (vertical white/red, designated as code flag “H”) embraces the spirit of our founder, who created a safe harbor for the purpose of encouraging Harlem youth to engage in self discovery, growth and embracing the world.

As the Harbor’s living landmark, Tony has always stayed the course, through more than seven decades of uncharted waters, giving thousands upon thousands of children the opportunity to say: I have a pilot on board.