“I’ve been with the Harbor long enough to appreciate and understand some of the problems faced by young people. They have inquiring minds, and what the Harbor does is expose them to programs that they wouldn’t necessarily have access to otherwise. This puts them in a better position to rise higher in education and work. Harbor alums say it best: ‘We had encouragement, we had friendship, we had love. We had things that we might not have had before.”

—Tony Duke (1918–2014), Founder, Boys & Girls Harbor

Here is what some alumni have to say about the Harbor:

“Tony has now dedicated more than 60 years of his life to this dream. Tens of thousands of lives have been impacted, and mine would never be the same. I can best sum up by stating that the Harbor is part of my core identity. To this day, I proudly confess that I am still a Boys Harbor boy.”

—Eduardo Padro, New York State Supreme Court Justice

“What I hear when I’m around other alumni is a love for Tony Duke and fond memories of their time as young people at the Harbor. But most of all, I hear about the real impact the Harbor had in helping them find their true selves and their potential.”

—Tanya K. Robinson, Attorney

“When I was young, the Harbor was a sacred safe haven where I could be who I wanted to be artistically, right down the block from my home. It was special, it was encouraging, and it was loving. It was where I learned to give back and how not to be afraid. If you’re going to be an artist, just go for it – that’s what I learned, and that influence has branched out to so many lives….When someone believes in you when you’re young, you start believing in yourself. And that can change the course of the rest of your life.”

—Darrell Grand Moultrie, Choreographer, Teacher

Are you a past student of Boys & Girls Harbor?

Share your story with us. And please join the Boys & Girls Harbor Alumni Association. You will be honoring Tony Duke and his vision, while you support the next generation of students. Alumni give back through fundraising, by providing positive leadership to current Harbor students through mentorship and volunteerism, by providing technical expertise to the management of Boys & Girls Harbor, and by serving as advocates within the community. The Association is a lifelong network and connection to the entire Boys & Girls Harbor family.