Working Together to Empower Children and Strengthen Our Communities

We are proud of our achievements in implementing innovative approaches to afterschool programming. Our goal is to produce motivated students who are empowered to exceed Common Core standards and pursue their full cognitive potential.

We call out to other K-12 educators throughout New York City and beyond. Let’s share our knowledge and learn from each other. We are eager to tell you more about our Educational Model: Harbor S.A.I.L.


The Harbor S.A.I.L.: Student Achievement through Inquiry-based Learning

Students want—and crave—afterschool programming that delivers an intentional mixture of project-based, student-centered activities and growth-promoting relationships with their teachers. Through this enriched learning environment, students strengthen their own personal assets of confidence, caring, connection, and Intellectual Character.

Through the Harbor S.A.I.L.™ educational framework, students are receiving a quality education, as well as a pathway for deeper learning and growth. This research-based model empowers students, helps them build leadership skills, and strengthens Positive Youth Development.

Harbor City: How a Micro-Society Empowers Children and Creates Future Leaders

Harbor City is a fully-functional community created by the children, for the children, and entirely of the children. It both mirrors and prepares our students for the grown-up world they will inherit and inhabit in the not-too-distant future.

Based on an educational model that teaches children to build their own micro-society—replete with a system of government, commerce, finance, entertainment, community organizing, civil justice, and policing—Harbor City is an outgrowth of the Boys & Girls Harbor Afterschool Program.

Harbor City was established in 1995. Ours is the first afterschool program to implement a micro-society in New York City, and received a Proclamation from the Mayor of New York in 1998 in recognition of that.