The Harbor S.A.I.L.™

At Boys & Girls Harbor, we approach Positive Youth Development through a unique educational model called Harbor S.A.I.L. — Student Achievement through Inquiry-based Learning.

Harbor S.A.I.L. was conceived in 2015, and introduced into Boys & Girls Harbor’s programming for Grades 3 through 12 during the 2016-2017 program year. The model’s goal is to produce intrinsically motivated students who are empowered to exceed Common Core standards and pursue their full cognitive potential.

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The Harbor S.A.I.L. Model is comprised of these tiers:

TIER I: Acquisition of Knowledge

Core learning in which students enroll in a variety of academic and high-interest courses to uncover their talents and embark on a Major.

TIER II: Application of Knowledge

Project-based learning where students research, debate, experiment, and collaborate within their group to establish, and then begin to answer their Challenge Question.

TIER III: Demonstration of Knowledge

Student teams refine and practice their Harbor Capstone Presentation, which contains a written, oral, and a visual component and becomes part of the student’s Individual Portfolio as well as the group’s Dashboard.

TIER IV: Building Growth-Promoting Relationships

Throughout the sequence is the constant presence of engaged and experienced adults. Harbor staff, corporate and community volunteers, and parents build relationships with students that heighten their educational experience, strengthen intellectual character, and increase confidence.

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