Project-Based Learning

The Harbor’s rich selection of performing arts and project-based learning helps students build experience in independent research, working in teams, and collaborative problem-solving.

We approach Positive Youth Development through a unique educational model called Harbor S.A.I.L. — Student Achievement through Inquiry-based Learning.

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STEM Learning

Computer technology, science and math projects, strategy games, online research, digital design, and media.

Harbor City

A micro-society for students in Grades 4-5. Teachers only facilitate as students take adult roles in their own society compete with businesses, banking infrastructure, judiciary, and government.

Literary and Visual Arts

Lyric writing, poetry, short stories, journalism, painting, drawing, fashion design, crafts, cartooning, and digital design.

Performing Arts

Music, dance, drama, and trips to professional performances.

Prevention and Counseling

Conflict negotiation and peer groups, social worker counseling and referrals (as needed), peer groups, and substance abuse and gambling prevention workshops.

College and Career Preparation

Debate, SAT prep, college application and essays, college and corporate tours, Life Lessons workshops, guest speakers, and mentors. (For students in Grades 6-12.)

Sports and Fitness

Swimming, basketball, soccer, exercise, and activities in Central Park.